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Travel to Spain with City-Rent
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Travel to Spain with City-Rent

Prices for car rental in Playa de Aro may vary greatly. City Rent aims at bringing you the best experience, which involves keeping prices as low as possible. Our rates are shaped in such a way so that you could pay less if the period for which you rent a car is going to last more than 3 days. Starting from this point, out rates are gradually reducing, with the best discounts found in 15+ days rentals.

City Rent is proud to have cheap rates on rental cars in Playa de Aro. We believe that whatever you need a car for, it must not be a burden to you. There are special rates which apply to work weeks and weekends. They let you have 1 free day of renting a car, since in case of ‘work week’ rate you pay the price of 4 days and use the vehicle from Mon 10 am to Fri 8 pm, and during ‘weekends’ you pay for 2 days and can drive as much as you want from Fri 6 pm to Mon 12 pm. You don’t have to worry about the security payment - you will be given it back as soon as you return the car.

To ensure cheap car rental in Playa de Aro, we have a set of cards for loyal clients. Using such cards, one can claim a discount varying from 3 to 10%. The type of discount depends on how much money you spend on City Rent services. The first card is given upon renting a car for the third time.

Since Playa de Aro happens to be located in Spain, all prices are in euro.

Make your staying in Spain more convenient with car rentals using Playa de Aro services. You can also request a transfer or even hire a person to manage your rented powerboat. Check our list of rates available on the website and see for yourself how easy and affordable it is to rent a
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